Dedicated Job Coordinators

Dedicated Job Coordinators

Every project with Moti Jewellers and Sons is overseen by a dedicated job coordinator who will work with you throughout the manufacturing process. Whether you’re creating one-of-a-kind custom pieces, large-scale production runs, or somewhere in between, your project will be personally handled by a member of our Production Client Services or Full Service team.

These experienced teams are committed to delivering exceptional service and quality with every job. They work closely with our on-staff CAD/CAM technicians, designers, casters, setters and finishers to get the best results for every project. Contact us today and we’ll pair you with the Job Coordinator best suited for your needs.

Custom design clients are paired with experienced Custom Client Services job coordinators who excel in servicing jobs that are unique in design and in execution. Custom Client Sevices job coordinators accommodate a wide variety of project requests, including one-of-a-kind, exceptional creations, show-stopping competition pieces and invaluable family heirlooms.

Jobs earmarked for mid- to large-scale production manufacturing runs are handled by specialized Production Client Services job coordinators. These individuals are trained to help deliver the best results in a production environment, where both quantity AND quality matter.

Your Production Client Services coordinator will help guide your production projects in the following ways,

Design Development: Achieving attractive, repeatable designs created to be reproduced many times by the most effective and cost-effective means possible.
Production Methods: Determining which materials and technologies will result in efficient, high-quality reproductions.
Fulfillment Plan: Establishing an order fulfillment process that best suits your needs – see our Order Fulfillment Services page for details.