If you want your ring to look beautiful, then it is a must wear the ring of your finger’s size, so that it should fit comfortably on your finger. It is a must to wear the ring of your size, and if you do not know about the size of the ring, then must visit your jeweler to know about it.


The diameter of the ring will be examined by measuring the distance between the fingers. If you are wearing the ring, then follow this for the perfect size of the ring. You must have to select the ring which fits on your finger, and after wearing that size your finger feels comfortable. You can take the print of the ring chart to select the size. Then, you have to place the ring on the circle to match the size. If your ring will fall between the rings of two different sizes, then you must have to purchase the larger one.


The rings which are of silver and gold can be resized by the professional jeweler according to the size of your finger, by the process of compressing and stretching. But still, there are some rings that can not be resized, they are the ring which is made up of gemstone. If you want the small size of your ring, then it is easy to do, but the larger one creates the problem.



The circumference of the ring is examined by measuring its length around the whole inner circle. You have to always wear the ring of the exact size, as it is comfortable to wear and looks good on your hand. If you wear the larger size ring, then it has chances of falling down also, and if you were the smaller ring, then it can even stop the circulation of blood and it can even result in pain in your finger. If you want the exact size of your ring, then either you have to follow some steps of it.
Do not try to wear the ring, when your hands are cold, as cold fingers look small in size, and it cannot give you the right measurement. It is a must to measure the finger in warm temperature for the exact size on a regular basis.
If you are measuring the size of the ring, and it falls between the two fingers in the ring chart, then you must have to go for the larger one for a perfect fit of the ring.
If you buy the ring for a surprise, then you must try to know the size of the finger with the help of someone, because if you buy the ring of incorrect size then it does not look good.
The average size of the ring of the women is five to seven and the average size of the ring of the men is nine to eleven.


Necklaces are available in various sizes in the market. You have to choose the size.


The necklaces usually come in six lengths, they are collar, choker, opera, princess, matinee, and rope.


Collar has a length of twelve to thirteen inches. Its necklaces are worn close to the neck. This type of necklace looks great with clothes of V-neck and boat neck.



Choker has a length of fourteen to sixteen inches. It gives you a very classy and versatile look on your neck. It looks beautiful on all types of clothes.




Princess neck has a length of seventeen to nineteen inches. It is the most popular necklace and it falls around your throat. You can wear it on every type of cloth.



Matinee has a length of twenty to twenty-four inches. Its length comes between the length of princess and opera. You can wear it casually and business wear clothes.



Opera has a length of thirty to thirty-six inches. It can be wear in single and double-strand. You can wear this with the evening wears, as it looks stunning on it.



Rope has a length of forty to forty-five inches. It s the longest necklace amongst all of them. It looks stunning in most of the clothes, because of its long rope.


The most common lengths are 13, 16, 18 and 24.


The necklace length comparison chart shows the size of the necklace according to the wearer.




The main purpose of stone setting is to enhance the beauty of a gemstone and to maximize the appearance of the metal designed stone. The setting of this will allow maximum light to reflect through different angles of the gemstone. The setting is considered as the most suitable option for the amount of light to pass from the gemstone.


It is a must to know that the setting should also protect the gemstone from any loss and damage from all kinds of tear and wear. It is compulsory that the setting should give safety to the gemstone from any harm. Bezel setting has been regarded as the safest setting because its gemstone is below the surface of the metal.


This setting is user friendly and is safe for all the objects. This setting always provides comfort and smoothness to the wearer, as it does not have sharp edges.


This setting has the specialty of hiding or covering up the weaknesses. Weakness like a blemish in stone should be cover-up with this.


It is one of the prime stages of jewelry making, and in this stage, gemstones are attached to the casting of metal. The persons who manufacture jewelry will use so many methods to set the gemstone into the jewelry at a perfect place with perfection. This is basically based on the cutting gemstone in proportionate ratios. The main object of the setting of stone is to set the gemstone with all the security for enhancement of beauty.


This setting is also known as a claw setting. It is the most common method of setting the stone into the jewelry. Prong setting allows the optimal amount of light to pass another gemstone also it shows gemstones’ durability. It is the easiest method and also is a very cheap method to set the stone into the gemstone. It has 3,4 and 6 small metals that have space and some prongs that can secure the gemstone in jewelry.
It is the style that is used for all types of jewelry and pieces of jewelry. the clause and prongs are the same in size and shape and are attached with the central base part of the gemstone. The heads and baskets are available in different shapes and sizes, According to the shape and size of the stone.
The visible part of prongs has many styles but they are more in round shape. This setting has been found in many variations, they are common prong and v prong. Common prong is a setting that is used to modify the version of prong setting and v prong setting is the function that is a divide on the top position to hold the gemstone.


It is one of the oldest techniques to set the stone and also is very popular in certain things. It provides a secure grip to protect the edge of the gemstone. It is a thin metal strip that is surrounded with the wraps around the gemstone to secure the place. This setting can be used in any type of stone but is more comfortable to set the gemstone opal.
This setting is basically used for all types of jewelry items such as earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.
Bezel Settings does not allow to surround with the whole girdle of the gemstone, as it splits the section into two or more parts, this setting is also known as semi-bezel and half-bezel.


It is the technique of setting in which the gemstones are fitted at the side as the girdle between the tracks of two parallel on the wall of metal. It gives the impression to the stones attached to the jewelry and maximizes the light between the gemstones. The performa of the channel setting is similar to the U letter of the English language, as it has two side walls at the bottom of it.
This track is also available on every side of the metal wall and contains gemstone. It protects the gemstone from the edge of the stone and is exposed, and will safe it from the hard knocks and fear. This setting is best for diamonds like round, princess, etc.


The bar setting is the variation in the channel setting. It is the part in which the thin metal bars are set between the gemstones, it is the process of bar setting of the stones. The bar setting has various and different visual effects while compared with the channel setting.



This setting method has the surface of pieces of jewelry items that appears to cover the small diamonds. These small diamonds are attached at the place of small holes that have been drilled on the surface of the jewelry. These stones have their position at very coles with each other in a honeycomb pattern. This setting has handmade claws in it, which are triangular in shape, it helps to hold the stone so that they will produce a surface on the jewelry item. The setting of the stone in this has been combined with the settings of the other stones to enhance the beauty of the jewelry.


This setting is also known as burnish setting. It is the recently added method of setting the bead. The stones with the help of this setting have been placed in holes that have been drilled on the surface of the jewelry. The diameter and the depth of the seat are small in size. This setting also gives safety to the stone at its position on the metal surface. When the stone is placed at the seat, then it is used to burnish and rub the metal over the edge of the stone. After the proper fitting of the stone, the tightness of the stone should be checked, and then there should not be any movement in the stone.


It is also known as burnish setting. It is the recent method of setting the bead. The stones are placed in the holes and are drilled out on the surface of jewelry at the time of setting. The seat of this has a metal surface with the help of a standard-setting to attach the stone. This setting gives safety to the stone because the stone is placed below the surface.


It is new in the market and has an improved version, it is regarded as one of the most difficult setting methods. This setting gives the correct position to the stone so, that the metal will not be visible between the stones. It is used only for setting of multi stones at a time to attach in multi rows. In this method, the stooges are set below the girdle, and then the stones are split into metal. It is similar to pave setting, but in some things, it is more durable. It doesn’t allow any claw to enter into the light.


This setting gives the different look to the jewelry items. It has many small stones, that are connected together in a group in the large size stone. This setting has flowered shape designs in the multi layer form, which women like to have in their rings.


It is a process in which the surface of a piece has been cleaned and polished. In the process of jewelry manufacturing, finishing is the final process, and after this jewelry is ready to use. It is a very important part of the process of jewelry manufacturing.


It covers all those operations and activities that alter the surface of the piece of metal. It is done after the casting of the metal and covers many of the processes.


It refers to all the operational activities that are done to remove the sand particles from the metal by way of casting. At the time of jewelry making, cleaning is the process that can be done in various stages. It is used to remove and improve the surface of the casting. The proper cleaning of metal can be done in many ways.


It is the process in which the chemicals are used to remove the carbon from the metal to clean the particular surface. It also removes the fire stain from the metal. It is merged with the piece of metal in the form of a heating solution. This solution will be removed by the rinsing of metal into the cold water.


It is the process of cleaning and smoothing the hard surface of the material on its surface with high speed. It is the method to give finishing by using sand paper. It is mostly used at the time of the launch of the metal, to clean the dirt. It is also known as the etching method and is very popular to apply crystal and glass. It has light glass which can turn in a semi-opaque effect.


Steam cleaning is the process of cleaning the metal by its casting through steam in various methods, it is mostly used to remove the oil and grease from the metal.


Soap water cleaning is used to clean the casting of metal by using soap materials like mild soap detergent, which has to be mixed with water to clean the metal.


It refers to the cleaning of casting of metal by small openings and special designs. This process is basically used to clean the liquid forms like petrol, waxes, etc.


It is the process of cleaning the pieces of metal by using ultrasonic cleaners. It is the machine which has the vibration power of 20000 cycles per second. If the speed of vibration increases, then the bubbles can generate power by cleaning the surface of the metal pieces. This process of cleaning does not allow to scratch the surface of metal pieces.


Polishing of metal is the process of rubbing the metal pieces to make it more shiny and smooth and to polish it, to reduce the look of flaws.


It is a process to give shine and brightness to the piece of metal. Earlier this process was used to steel the shots of metal in the form of gates.


It is used to brighten the piece of metal by the way of water baths and cyanide. It also allows the metal to brighten the piece by stripping the trend and to remove the metal from points such as prongs by way of bombing.


It refers to the regular use of the grease compound to make the combination with wheels and to produce a smooth surface. It is the last step of the finishing process.


It is a technique which has been used by the jewelers to make and to repair the jewelry. It has two or more metals that are joined by applying the metal and that has a melting point at lower. This molten forms the bond when it is cool. This technique is also used in finding the link in metal pieces.


While taking jewelry into consideration, this technique is used to cover the coat of the thin layer into the metal to the other metal surface for some decorative purposes.



It is the process where all those metals which are not expensive are electroplated with a thin layer of metals like gold, silver, etc. It is the process where electric current will coat with electric conduct metal objects in a thin layer of precious metal.


IElectroless plating is the process of depositing a chemical metal coating into the pieces of metal for the use of chemical reaction in order to the reaction with electricity. It is also termed as the deposition of the metal coating into the metal piece.


These some other techniques are also used in the process of plating like chemical plating, spray plating, hot dip plating, and mechanical plating. These methods of plating are used in the process of plating.



Gold plating is the method which deposits the gold layer of .175 microns which are of 7/1,000,000 inches approx. It contains the weight of 10 karat gold into its surface of the other metal. The other metal here includes silver and copper.


Silver plating is the method by which the deposition of silver layer occurs on the surface of other metals. It basically occurs on the surface of the decorative items on the jewelry and household items. It is used by depositing a silver layer on the metal.


It is the metal which is the part of platinum family and has whitish grey appearance. In its natural state it comes in the form of liquid state but not in the form of solid state like platinum. It is a very common method of plating the metal which also gives a shiny and smooth look to the metal and also makes it expensive. It gives the silver tone finishing, which colors darker than silver and has tarnishing like a silver plate. It is similar to platinum but somewhere has a fraction due the cost on fashion rings.


Chrome plating is the process of deposition of a thin layer into the metal surface to give the bright look to the metallic surface. It is the process which is highly resistant with tarnishing. It works with the layer of chromium on the metal surface.



There are some more metals which are used to plate the metal or to coat the surface of metal, they are basically zinc, tin, etc.



It is the cross hatched technique which is used to engrave the surface of the precious metal in various ways. It is used by the hand tool and has the series of parallel lines attached in the directions with each other. It reduces the reflection of the metal and lines which can be deeply brushed and finish the incised method.


It is the texture which is used to apply the surface of the piece of metal with the hammer to give it the dimpled look. It gives the impression of the series into depression in the form of metal. It varies from light to deep texturing of a hammer and is used to increase the size of the metal piece.


High polish finish is the method of super shining and to give the smooth polish look to the surface of the metal that provides the high reflection and gives a mirror like finish look. After doing this process, it gives the brilliant look to the surface of the metal.


It is the texture of the surface of the metal which lies between matte finish look and brilliant look. It contains a series of small parallel lines, indicating towards each other and are scratched into the metal surface to produce the texture. It can be attained in various ways and can give a good impression of pearl luster to the metal.


This is a texture which is used to apply the metal surface and to give the dull and non-reflective finish look to the pieces of metal. It can also be attained by chemical process or by abrasive material. It can help to scratch the top layer of the piece of metal. Matt finish look is also known as brushed look.


It covers all the operational activities that alters the features of the gemstone to attain some property or to attain some look. It is performed after the process of mining of gemstone. If a stone has been cut properly and has polish, then it is regarded as a beautiful finish of the stone and this finishing will be done in various ways.


Stone cutting is the geometric proportion for finishing the gemstone. It is the most common factor to determine the sparkle of the gemstone. This stone will be in symmetry with the dimensions and to maintain the balance. Its facets will reflect the light and will give the stone the best look. Mostly all the gemstones are polished and cut under the base of hard substance.
The person who cuts and polishes the gemstone and converts it into finished gemstone is known as lapidary and cutter. The cutter uses many techniques to cut the gemstone like tumbling, grinding, sawing, lapping, and finishing gives the surface finishing to the gemstones.
As diamond is the hardest substance, among all so cutter is used to polish the gems in which diamond has been included.


It is the technique of cutting the gemstone into a thin blade which is made up of steel and copper with its outer edge and diamond grit to rotate almost thousand surfaces of the gemstone. Liquid like oil and water has been used to wash and cut the debris and to keep the stone in the cool blade to avoid overheating.


It is the common technique which is used to make the hole into the gemstone and to create the bead or to remove the inclusions. Gem cutters use small rotating tubes which have diamond tips to drill in the gemstone. The drilling which is ultrasonic is very useful but is considered costly and has commercial high volume drilling.


It is very important to grind the gemstone in carbide wheels or in diamond wheels and are used for conversion of rough gemstone into the assumed gemstone. In this technique liquid material like oil and water is used to wash the cuttings of debris and to keep the stones and to blade the coolness to avoid the overheating of metal.


It is the process which is similar to grinding. But the difference is that it is the process which uses sharpe tools. It is used to remove the scratches left after the grinding and sawing process. This process removes material and allows control over shaping of the stone before polishing. This process polishes in smooth curves and ignores flat surfaces.


In this process the high quantity of rough stones tumble slowly in the form of rotating barrels and water. The stones have been finished in a very attractive way in this process. In this vibratory machine, it is easy to examine the progress of the stones under the machine on standard tumblers to check the position of the stone. In the process of polishing the gemstone, tumbling is the way to polish the metal jewelry in bulk quantity.


It is the process which is similar to sanding and grinding. But the difference is the change in process, it is the process which is performed under the low pressure on the side of rotation of the disk. This is known as the lap of a flat disk. It is usually used to create a flat surface on the stone.


It is the technique which is used to give the mirror like finishing to the gemstone, so that it can reflect light. It is started only when the gemstone has been sawed and has been sended to remove the marks and to be in desired shape. It is used to gain gemstone with the grit against the other gemstone.


The gemstones are being mined in rough gesture and wants the finishing of the stone to maximize the look and durability of the stone. All these treatments are permanent in nature and others are temporary. It has become very common these days to enhance the beauty of the gemstone and to accept the practise. Some gemstones are treated to set the jewelry only. Some jewelers disclose the consumer in all time gemstones activity and are non-treated and require some special care. Sometimes jewelers are not required to disclose the permanent treatments but it is important to take them into the consideration and enhance them to improve their appearance and to improve the value of the stone.


It is one of the oldest treatment methods and is very popular to maximize the natural beauty of the gemstone. It is the permanent process which can improve the color and clarity of the stones like tourmaline, sapphire, topaz, ruby, diamond, tanzanite, amethyst and aquamarine.


It is the process which has a permanent solution and in which the gemstones are made to radiate to improve the color of the gemstone. It is mostly used on smoky quartz, freshwater pearls, diamonds, yellow beryl, pink to red tourmaline and blue topaz.


It is the process in which the surface of the color of gemstone has been maximized by the use of the chemicals with high temperature conjunction. This treatment is basically used in diffusion of sapphire and ruby. This treatment will be done at high temperature.


Fracture filling is the enhancing process by which the fractures and cavities can be filled in the gemstone with the help of artificial substances like plastic and glass. It is basically used in diamonds to make it flaw less and less visible.


It is one of the permanent solutions to drill the hole into the stone with the help of a laser to remove all the inclusions present in the stone. This treatment is basically used to drill the holes in diamond, as it is the hardest substance.


It is also one of the oldest treatment methods which is used to increase the color and smoothness of the stone and to hide the cracked part of the gemstone. This treatment is basically used to oil the color on emeralds.


Dyeing and Bleaching is the method in which the stones are bleached and dyed and then their color has been improved and there is change in the appearance. This treatment is usually used to pore the material like ivory, jade, coral, amber, etc.