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Moti Jewellers and Sons follows thorough client valuable handling procedures to ensure that they receive the best care possible. First, we accept and inventory client valuables received (loose diamonds and gemstones, jewelry, etc.) under camera surveillance. Then, we forward client valuables to our quality team to inspect them under magnification. Our quality team reviews client valuables for various details and records their findings.
Specific to diamonds and gemstones, the quality team reviews them for durability-threatening inclusions, notating their findings on a valuables check-in document. Should your diamonds or gemstones have inclusions or defects that may threaten the integrity of the stone(s) during setting, your Moti Jewelers and Sons representative will contact you with that information. You will then have the opportunity to decide whether you’d like us to proceed with setting, and if so, you will be asked to release Moti Jewelers and Sons of liability and to give your consent to setting via email or fax. Moti Jewelers and Sons reserves the right to decline setting a diamond or gemstone that is deemed too fragile.
While Moti Jewelers and Sons maintains a rigorous quality review process of client valuables and best in class craftspeople who work with your valuables to create your jewelry, at this time we do not take financial responsibility for damage to colored gemstones, fancy cut diamonds, round diamonds of SI2 clarity or lower and any other diamond deemed unsuitable for setting.


As experts with decades of experience, we do all the heavy lifting when it comes to taking your custom jewelry projects from conception to completion.

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Give clients exactly what they want, and everyone wins! Customized products mean customer loyalty, brand differentiation and higher margins.

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Stop bouncing from one supplier to the next. Simplify the process make Casting House your one-stop-shop for manu-facturing and wholesale custom jewelry.

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Whenever we think about creating a gorgeous masterpiece of Jewelry, the first thing that comes to mind is its design. We, Moti Jewellers & Sons, believe in the old trusted method of handmade designing. Our Designers design the masterpieces of Jewelry with utmost care & accuracyAfter the handmade design is prepared and approved, it goes for the Computer Aid Designing (CAD). The CAD process gives us an idea about how the piece of Jewelry will look after the final processing. After that, the CAD-made design is sent to the 3D wax model preparation department. Read More…



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